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Mental Health & Self Care

A 45-minute session in which we break down topics such as mental health, self-care, work-life balance, languishing and overall well-being. Everyone is on their own journey of self and the learnings are something that can be applied individually to you, your support system or team. 15 minutes will be dedicated to questions and to allow for sharing or feedback.

Learning Objectives 

You will learn about the importance of mental health and the resources that exist at your fingertips. A section on how to achieve self-care through a 7 step model and how your support system plays a vital role. Lastly, understand the impacts of COVID-19 on you personally and the shifts businesses are navigating and how that can be different for everyone.

Presented By: Chantel Schienbein, Workplace Wellness Specialist, Conexus Credit Union

Chantel has been an employee at Conexus for 11 years and is Conexus’ resident expert who focuses on the well-being of 900 employees. She has been a Workplace Wellness Specialist for 6 years and continues to expand her knowledge with the latest tips and tricks to ensure overall wellness can be achieved.

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