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Navigating Changes – Leveraging the Opportunities Professionally & Personally

Not all changes are created equal. Some changes we choose – like starting or growing our own business, hiring staff, expanding our product or service offerings. Other changes are necessary responses to conditions outside of our control. Also, change usually does not confine itself to one area of our life at a time. Have you ever had to pivot or change direction? What do all these changes have in common? How do we get comfortable with navigating the changes we are faced with on nearly a daily basis? This presentation focuses on changes that we choose and changes that are out of our control. It covers building resilience and seeing the opportunity in change both in our businesses and in our personal lives. Become a leader who effectively supports others through change.

Presented By: Lynn Gow PMP, CMP Spiritual Director, Certified Life & Leadership Coach, Senior Change Management Specialist

Lynn was born and raised in New Brunswick and began her career in Social Work counselling women and families. After a career change in 2000, she moved to Victoria, BC where she worked with several Provincial Government Ministries in a variety of roles supporting Organizational Change. It was in Victoria that she met her husband, John and in 2005 moved to Saskatoon. From 2005 to 2018, Lynn worked at PotashCorp/Nutrien as Director, Systems, and Director, Business Relationship Management.

In addition to her career supporting organizations and their business objectives, Lynn continued to evolve her own career in alignment with her individual values and purpose starting her own business in 2018 – Design for Life Coaching & Consulting Inc. Lynn is currently employed by FCL (Federated Co-op Ltd) as a Senior Change Specialist and as owner of Design for Life she works with individuals, teams and organizations offering Leadership Coaching, Spiritual Direction and Facilitated Workshops/Retreats.
Design for Life Programs and Services are based on the premise that the key to effective relationships, productive workplaces, successful teams, and a person’s peace of mind ultimately comes down to the same thing; knowing who you are and living an authentic life in line with your core values.

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