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The Alchemy of Confidence: From Impostor to Empowered

How many times have you explained away your successes? Underestimated your abilities? Or even overworked in order to predict and prevent mistakes? Probably too many to count? Do you feel guilty when you take a break?

You’re successful, and yet, you don’t believe it. You constantly feel the need to prove yourself or measure your worth by your accomplishments. You compare yourself to others. Self-doubt and the fear of failure may be holding you back.

In this open and real course, Dr. Jessica Metcalfe breaks down the barriers associated with self-doubt, perfectionism and mental well-being. It’s time to talk about Impostor Syndrome and how it may be holding you back.

Presented By: Jessica Metcalfe, Life and Business Coach, The Alchemist Mind 

Jessica struggled with impostor syndrome and perfectionism which led to self-sabotaging behaviours and ultimately her third burnout. Here’s the thing: her CV said she was successful but she just didn’t believe it.

Because of Jessica’s passion for women empowerment, she spent years figuring out why high-achieving women can keep themselves stuck and create their own glass ceiling.

This, is why Jessica is passionate about coaching.

Her life’s work is to help professional women break-free from self-doubt, fear of failure and overworking. Jessica brings a unique perspective challenging your thoughts, emotions and behaviours about confidence, perfectionism, self-worth and mental well-being.

This webinar is sponsored by Peter Lucas Project Management.

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