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The Magic of Vision

“Without vision, the people perish.”

A clear and compelling vision can be the difference between an inspiring and invested business existence where teams, in unison, creatively push forward, bravely defy obstacles, and ambitiously settle for nothing less than a better future; or, one where the business focuses on sources of short-lived and passionless momentum. In our time together, Jacqueline will address the magic behind vision and how you too can create a captivating cause for what’s yet to come for your business and your people.

1. Grasp how vision brings a business to life and pulls it towards alignment
2. Better understand the distinction between vision goals and purpose
3. Recognize how a succinct and compelling business vision fuels passion, inspiration, and energy

Jacqueline Almeida is a dynamic leadership educator and coach in Saskatoon, SK. She is the owner of Alpha + Omega Strategies and works with entrepreneurs and organizations to develop and strengthen their leadership capacity, enhance employee engagement, lessen employee resistance to change, and create business clarity, focus, and alignment.

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