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Thrive & Succeed – Avoid Burnout, Increase Your Energy and Soar!

To succeed in business it takes an incredible amount of focus, determination and grit. Yet, recent surveys show that 40% of
entrepreneurs suffer from anxiety and burnout. There is a proven untapped opportunity to succeed without sacrificing your
health and that is mastering your energy.
This is the “secret” ingredient to navigate the high demands of life, with great performance at work, and a fulfilling life.

Presented By: Annie Gaudreault

As a licensed nutritionist and women’s health coach, Annie founded VEEV Health & Wellness to support the needs of smart and
successful individuals, giving them the confidence to do what they want to do, with the energy that they need. An endurance
athlete with 12 marathons and 3 Ironman® triathlons under her belt, Annie lives what she preaches.
A prior 25+ year career as a brand consultant working with executives of Fortune 500 companies gave her a solid background
to serve the wellness needs of those living busy lives.
She is a regular speaker to the media, corporations and lifestyle organizations on various topics of health.

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