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How to Create a Psychologically Healthy Workplace

In this 1-hour free webinar, we will provide an overview on taking actions in creating and maintaining psychologically healthy workplaces. Improving workplace psychological health is one way to boost employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity; it can also reduce health costs, employee turnover, and lost work time. Joan will share the thirteen psycho-social risk factors that can impact employees’ responses to work and work conditions, potentially causing psychological health problems. Information will be provided on where you can get more information and training on implementing a psychologically healthy workplace.

Presenter: Joan Kleinsteuber, CPHR, owner and HR Consultant with Universal Human Resources

Joan Kleinsteuber is a Chartered Professional in Human Resource (CPHR), Certified Coach, consultant and owner of Universal Human Resources. With over 20 years’ experience in Human Resources, and Management, Joan offers her clients personalized, expert advice on a variety of Human Resource matters and workforce strategies. She is passionate about helping leaders and their teams and provides HR services that contribute in successfully balancing the objectives of the organization and the needs of the employees. Joan understands that planning for growth, improving employee productivity, and workplace balance are essential to business success.

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