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How to Navigate and Reconcile Cultural/Value Differences for Business Success

You will be introduced to a variety of value/cultural differences and how they affect doing business. You will also learn how different levels of competence can be either more or less effective with bridging cultural differences. Finally, you will learn that developing and increasing competence with managing cultural differences will improve business outcomes.

During this webinar you will:

  1. Be introduced to cultural differences and their effect on doing business.
  2. Discover the different ways individuals make sense of and respond to values/cultural differences and similarities.
  3. Learn about the attitudes, skills, and knowledge that help to bridge cultural differences.
  4. Learn some strategies for reconciling cultural differences in business settings.

Presented By: Angeline Chia, Intercultural Development Consultant, Sights on Success Consulting

Angeline S. Chia is an Intercultural Development Consultant, Facilitator, Coach and the founder/principal of Sights on Success Consulting. She is a member of WESK and the Prairie Chapter of the ICF. Angeline provides professional development in intercultural competence for leaders and teams to improve performance and outcomes in managing diversity.

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