In Saskatchewan, small business is BIG business. Almost 99% of businesses are small businesses. In 2016, small businesses accounted for 31% of Saskatchewan’s GDP.

What’s not on the front pages is the vital role women play in job creation and economic growth — and how much more robust our province and country could be if we increased the number
of female entrepreneurs and created conditions for them to succeed.

At WESK, we are working hard to close the gender entrepreneurship gap. It is not just a social and moral imperative. It is an economic investment. The time is now. Let’s seize the opportunities.

Saskatchewan Advisory Committee on the Gender Entrepreneurship Gap

There is a significant gender gap in entrepreneurship in Canada. Women entrepreneurs contribute $148 billion to our economy and advancing gender equality in the creation of economic activity has the potential to add another $150 to $420 billion. By understanding and addressing the unique barriers that women entrepreneurs encounter, we can enhance opportunities to scale businesses and boost economic growth in our province. That’s why we’ve created the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee. Curious as to who’s on the Committee and what they’re working on?

Visit the Saskatchewan Advisory Commitee Webpage

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