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You’ve done your research, you’ve got a plan, and you’re ready to get down to business. The start up phase is the most thrilling, terrifying, and nerve-wracking stage of the game, all wrapped up in a wonderful package.

A business in the early stages, or the Startup phase, has limited revenue — typically up to $250K. These companies are trying to establish a customer base, are ready to open the doors (or have recently opened them), and nail down a business model that can generate a steady cash flow.

If this sounds like you, and you’ve got the product and you’re ready to sell the vision, consider becoming a member of the WESK community. Together, we can establish a business model that can generate revenue without you having to work 100+ hours a week. Our Business Advisors have walked this path before you and can provide advice to entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Saskatchewan. Our main goal is to help you succeed, and with a little bit of commitment, hard work, and pizazz, we’ll rocket launch you from start up to growth.

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