2019 November

Recap: Second Meeting of the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee

The Saskatchewan Advisory Committee held its second meeting on November 15, 2019. Presentations from two technology focused incubators, Co.Labs and Cultivator, provided key insights into the structure and supports available for business GROWTH along the spectrum. The sub-committee tasked with the priority of access to capital, networks/mentors presented several recommendations. The Committee’s deliberations included the challenges […]

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How your data can (and should) drive your website redesign

Guest post by Pam Marriott, Marketing Manager of Digital Platforms, Directwest.   So you’ve built a website, set up your Google Analytics account, and left it alone for a couple of years. Whether your marketing strategy has changed, your design is outdated, or it’s just not generating results, industry experts tend to agree that websites […]

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Recap: First Meeting of the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee

The first meeting of the Saskatchewan Advisory Committee, held September 13th following the announcement of the members of the Committee, focused on defining scope and outcomes of the initiative. All 12 members were present at the first meeting. It was determined that the final deliverable will include a three Pillar Strategy: Access to Capital; Influencing […]

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